Detailed Thermodynamic “What If” Model

This PI System plugin features a detailed plant model is built in a PI-AF database integrated with a customized interactive PI ProcessBook display. It allows the user to easily edit the value of any input parameter and view a new set of recalculated results stored in PI tags.

The ProcessBook display includes a handy form to edit the input data. When opened, this form is automatically filled with actual plant values as the default, making it very handy to run the plant against real data with any number of edits to easily see “What If” any parameters are changed. 

The display includes a side-by-side real vs. model set of parameters, making it convenient to enter actual input values, and compare modeled to actual values and any parameter may be included in the model input/output display. This is handy when tuning the model as is often needed to account for equipment degradation.


Advanced Analysis
Advanced Analysis