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Greater Insight for Plant Operations

Extend the value of your PI System for greater insight, contextual relevance, data availability, enhanced analytics, and automated reporting.

Enhancing the PI System for Operational Excellence

Leading energy companies across the production and delivery spectrum rely on the OSIsoft PI System to capture real-time operational data from their equipment. Process Innovations delivers the expert consulting services and advanced visualization, analytics, and data integration tools to help them make the most of their data.

Upstream More than 85% of the world’s top oil and gas companies use the PI System. It sits at the center of digital oilfield operations supporting oil and gas production systems, but also supports maintenance and remote operations functions.

Midstream The PI System helps producers gather, process, and deliver nearly 50% of the world’s natural gas and liquids to end users. High quality PI data facilitates not only rotating equipment reliability but also tracking for performance, gas quality, storage, processing, leak detection and inventory management.

Downstream PI System users produce more than 80% of transportation fuels in the Americas. Real-time operational PI data integration, applications, and analytics help them improve their energy usage, address yields, mitigate hydrocarbon losses, and optimize their fuels value chain.

Process Innovations’ Process Plugins provide advanced visualizations for efficiently managing pumps, turbines, compressors, and other critical equipment required for oil and gas production and delivery.energy

How Oil & Gas Companies Find Value with OSIsoft's PI System & Process Plugins

Extend the value of your PI System data with Process Innovations

Production & Operations

Integrate modeling and simulation. Improve process visualization for production optimization. Track equipment status. Automate reporting.

Remote Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics

Use advanced analytics with data-driven modeling for advanced visualizations, statistical analysis and live operational maps.

Automate condition-based maintenance workflows with Process Innovations

Asset & Facility Maintenance

Automate condition-based maintenance ticketing. Monitor equipment for wear and performance. Integrate across tracking systems.

Expert PI System consulting for industrial companies

Health, Safety & Environment

Automate safety system alerts and reporting. Track emissions, compliance, and barrier assessment metrics in real time. Facilitate incident analysis

Enhance the Value of Your PI Data

  • Greater insight with advanced visualizations
  • Contextual role-based relevance
  • Optimized reference libraries
  • Actionable data when and where it’s needed
  • Predictable quantitative analysis
  • Increased data availability and cross-system communication

Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs

  • Enhanced analytics for proactive response
  • Automated report generation
  • Asset-based reliability tracking
  • Condition-based maintenance information
  • Automated calculations against manufacturer curves

Process Plugins for Oil & Gas Companies


Auxiliary Boiler Efficiency & Condition Monitor

This plugin delivers substantial insight into auxiliary boiler performance. It calculates boiler losses in real time in accordance with ASME PTC 4.1 then compares them ...
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Oil & Gas

Cooling Tower Condition Monitor

This PI System plugin provides detailed information for identifying problems with cooling tower operation or physical conditions.
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Oil & Gas

Fuel Gas Orifice Metering Flowrate (AGA Calcs)

This PI System plugin, based upon American Gas Association (AGA) report numbers 3 & 8, calculates gas compressibility (Z) and real time fuel gas flow. ...
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Oil & Gas

Heat Exchanger Condition Monitor

This plugin performs thermodynamic calculations on the heat exchanger tubes/fins/coils, calculating the real-time duty, heat exchanger effectiveness, heat transfer coefficient, and fluid flows, as appropriate.
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Liquid Ring Compressor Condition Monitor

This plugin helps identify liquid ring compressor issues early. It calculates compressor stages, overall pressure ratios, free air delivery (FAD), brake horsepower and both isothermal ...
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Oil & Gas

Pump Condition Monitor

This tool helps identify pump problems early. It calculates pump efficiency, driver/pump set efficiency, performance factors, suction head, NPSH, discharge head, and total head metrics ...
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