Business Wins from Operational Data

Extend the value of your PI System for greater insight, contextual relevance, data availability, enhanced analytics, and automated reporting.

Enhancing the PI System for Modern Manufacturing

The rapid proliferation of software and digitization in modern manufacturing plants has transformed the industry. Today’s manufacturing teams use data to enhance all aspects of their business from streamlining operations and increasing quality to boosting safety in their plants.

PI System deployments have expanded beyond their traditional role as a Data Historian for asset sensor data. Now PI data not only supports day-to-day equipment monitoring and maintenance tasks but also feeds into specialized applications and company-wide analytics and reporting workflows.

Process Innovations is a leading provider of consulting services and software for advanced data analytics, visualization, and integration for the OSIsoft PI System in industrial environments. We help manufacturers architect their PI Systems to extend the value of their data across systems to support business requirements.

How Manufacturers Find Value with OSIsoft's PI System & Process Plugins

Extend the value of your PI System data with Process Innovations

Increased Efficiency

Simplify equipment monitoring, analytics and troubleshooting.
Automate routine reporting. Share data across systems.


Optimized Production

Deliver reliable operational data for production planning. Identify equipment issues faster. Optimize MTTR and MTBF.

Energy Management

Track correlations between energy consumption and production. Quickly identify performance and energy usage anomalies.

Automate condition-based maintenance workflows with Process Innovations

Asset Health & Maintenance

Automate condition-based maintenance ticketing. Monitor tools for wear and performance degradation to prevent outages.

Enhance the Value of Your PI Data

  • Greater insight with advanced visualizations
  • Contextual role-based relevance
  • Optimized reference libraries
  • Actionable data when and where it’s needed
  • Predictable quantitative analysis
  • Increased data availability and cross-system communication

Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs

  • Enhanced analytics for proactive response
  • Automated report generation
  • Asset-based reliability tracking
  • Condition-based maintenance information
  • Automated calculations against manufacturer curves