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Data Support for Plant Digitization

Extend the value of your PI System for greater insight, contextual relevance, data availability, enhanced analytics, and automated reporting.

Enhancing the PI System for Power Generation & Delivery

As the power industry accelerates its rapid shift to next generation technologies for power plant digitization, ready access to the right data at the right time is increasingly critical. Process Innovations has the data management expertise to play a critical support role in your company’s digital  evolution.

PI System deployments have expanded beyond their traditional role as a Data Historian for asset sensor data. Now PI data not only supports day-to-day equipment monitoring and maintenance tasks but also feeds into specialized applications and company-wide analytics and reporting workflows.

Process Innovations has deep industry expertise and experience helping power companies make the most of their PI system data and bringing external data into their PI infrastructure. Dozens of our specialized tools and plugins are designed specifically to support power plant equipment, processes, market data, and regulatory requirements. Data specifications from leading manufacturers and industry standard engineering calculations are included in our software. Our consulting team has the power industry expertise to customize solutions to meet any specialized requirements.

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How Power & Utility Companies Find Value with OSIsoft's PI System & Process Plugins


Increased Production Efficiency

Tightly manage efficiency and heat rates for turbines, compressors, boilers, heaters and more with advanced visual condition monitoring.

Automate condition-based maintenance workflows with Process Innovations

Asset Health & Maintenance

Automate condition-based maintenance ticketing. Monitor tools for wear and performance degradation to prevent outages.

Demand Analysis & Bidding

Demand Analysis & Bidding Strategy

Automatically track market conditions to optimize generation decisions for enhanced ROI.

Schedule Optimization

Schedule Optimization

Simplify outage planning and scheduling with forecasts and historical data analysis to efficiently balance operations and demand.

Extend the value of your PI System data with Process Innovations

Safety & Security

Identify and address equipment degradation and evolving environmental conditions quickly before disaster strikes.

Data Integration

Data Integration

Eliminate data silos and share your Pi System data across platforms whenever and wherever you need it.

Weather Tracking

Weather Tracking

Pull the latest weather conditions and forecast data into your PI system for easy analysis and reference.


Regulatory Compliance

Automate monitoring and reporting to meet compliance requirements and support sustainable operations

Process Plugins for Power & Utility Companies


Adaptive Emissions Optimizer for Coal Boilers

This PI System plugin is an ideal retrofit for meeting the Cross State EPA emissions program requirements.
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Air Cooled Condenser Condition Monitor

This PI System plugin module helps identify indications of problems with condenser operation or physical condition, which often have a substantial impact on plant heat ...
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Air Cooled Condenser Fan Optimizer

This PI System plugin helps operators optimize ACC Fan configuration to minimize net heat rate for the unit or the entire plant.
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Biomass Boiler Efficiency & Performance Monitor

This plugin calculates boiler efficiency in real time and compares it to expected boiler efficiency based on historical data.
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Boiler & Air Heater Efficiencies (PTC 4.1) & Rankine Cycle Heat Rates

This PI System plugin provides the gross turbine heat cycle rate based upon the boiler’s steam-side heat input to the turbine cycle.
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Boiler Cleanliness Monitor

This PI System plugin models each section of a boiler and calculates the overall heat transfer coefficient in real time.
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