PI Reports

Save time with Automated PI Data Reporting

Significantly reduce time-wasting manual report compilation and distribution. Our PI Reports engine lets you quickly and easily design reports in Excel, then set them to run on a regular schedule. Automated distribution gets the right information to the right people at the right time and frees your technicians for other tasks.

How the PI Reports Engine Works

Connect Excel To Your PI System

Install the Excel plugin for OSIsoft’s PI DataLink to pull data from your PI System into your spreadsheets.

Build your report in Excel

 Create and format your report as usual in your spreadsheet program. Simply use the PI DataLink plugin to insert PI data fields to the report. Add your own formulae and formatting as needed for analysis and ease of viewing. 

Upload your custom spreadsheet to PI Reports

The engine reads your report, extracts the field variables to a SQL server database where your data queries can be automated each time you need an updated instance of the report.

Automate your report generation

Simple report settings allow you to designate the frequency and formats for your report updates. Choose hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly report generation intervals. Select Excel, PDF, HTML, or CSV format options.

Relax! Your reports are on the way

PI Reports Plugin Features

  • Easily pull PI System data into Excel with PI retrieval tags and auto-generate new reports in your preferred formats

  •  Includes a template for converting the Excel file to PDF for simplified distribution via PI Notifications

  • Any combination of PI tag value retrieval methods may be used to get the numbers you need at the time that your report is triggered

  • Process Plugins Foundation subscribers enjoy unlimited access to the templates library for specialized function displays like curve tables, draw curves, and the full set of 1997 thermodynamic properties of water and steam

Expert Consulting Services

Is your team too busy to automate their reporting? Not sure how to create the reports you need? No problem!

Process Innovations engineers are experts with the PI Asset Framework, Excel, and efficiently implementing report automations that save time and keep everyone up to date on the latest operations and asset data across your plant. To learn more about the plugin and your service options, simply request a demo below.