PI System Training

PI System Training

Process Innovations offers a complete array of flexible training programs to meet your organization’s unique needs. Whether you need to get a new employee up and running quickly on your PI System or you’re transitioning an existing to new systems and process, you can rely on our training service to help your team succeed.

Our professional service team members average more than 10 years of experience designing and administering PI Systems for power and utility, oil and gas, water treatment, chemical, and manufacturing companies. They have both the technical and industry expertise for effective curriculum development and knowledge transfer.

PI Training Services

User Training

Process Innovations makes it fast and easy to get your entire team up and running with the PI System, Asset Framework, and our Process Plugins. Our user training modules cover day-to-day operations, monitoring, analysis, and reporting tasks. We can customize the instruction to your unique configurations and routines.

Administrator Training

Managing a PI system can be a daunting task without the training and support to ensure operational excellence. Process Innovations provides in-depth, personalized education for staff and ongoing support as needed. This module covers advanced usage and configuration topics such as user management, permissions and data security, integrations, maintaining data integrity, setting up visualizations, and advanced reporting.

Advanced Visualization, Reporting & Integration Training

Enhance your Process Plugins Foundation subscription with our advanced visualization and integration training modules. You’ll learn how to make the most of each visualization plugin, how to set up automated AF Reports and PI Reports, and how to quickly connect new data sources using the PI Service Bus.

Post Project Briefings

We build ad hoc training into every consulting project to facilitate knowledge transfer at the conclusion of the engagement. We’re committed to helping your team fully understand your updated system configurations and successfully manage the platform after our project concludes.