PI Service Bus

Enterprise IoT Data Integration

Put your PI data to work - anywhere you need it

Data has never been more valuable – or plentiful. At current rates, US companies are producing enough data each year to fill 10,000 Libraries of Congress, but 88% of it is ignored. The Process Innovations PI Service Bus (PSB) helps you easily capture and more effectively use the data your software applications, monitoring solutions, and enterprise platforms generate each day. It automatically captures, transforms, and delivers relevant data across systems to support the tools and processes you rely on for actionable insight.

Every minute of every day your PI System is capturing and logging bits of data about your machinery, systems and even ambient conditions in your plant and your region. Process Innovations’ PI Service Bus makes it easy to transform the formats of this raw data and make it available to every system you rely on to serve your customers. Generate actionable insights with ready access to all of your latest data.

PI Service Bus Components

Configuration Utility

The PSB Configuration Utility makes it easy to set up sequences of actions then test them with connections to your external systems before storing them in the SQL Server database.

PSB Windows Service

The PSB Windows Service runs in the background. It supports multiple instances of the Configuration Utility on different machines and executes your configured actions as needed. Windows service reads the configuration from the SQL server.

Flexible Data Options

SOAP Web Services Send requests to any SOAP web service.
RESTful Web Service Send requests to any RESTful web service that uses JSON.
Relational Database Use SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE statements with any ODBC compliant database. Simply install the relevant database drivers to get started.
FTP/SFTP Read, create, or write text, CSV, or XML files to and from both local file systems and external FTP/SFTP servers.
Email (SMTP) Easily distribute emails via an external SMTP server. Text, CSV, or XML files can all be attached.
PI Asset Framework Table Query Use SQL syntax to read from or write to AF tables. The PI Service Bus supports SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE statements.
PI Asset Framework Attributes and PI Points Write values directly to and from AF Attribute and PI Point fields. The system automatically creates Attributes and PI Points if they do not exist.

How Teams Like Yours Use PI Service Bus

Here are some of the real-world data integrations our users have enabled with the PI Service Bus

PI Data Email Notifications

Send emails with text, CSV or XML attachments via an external SMTP server.

Timely Notifications in SAP

PI Service Bus can capture simple PI Notification SOAP messages, transform them into complex SAP-compliant SOAP messages, and route them to your SAP notification web service.

SAP Condition-based Maintenance Support

Set up daily PI Asset Framework queries in the PI Service Bus to capture run hours logged for each of your assets (pumps, tanks, etc.) and automatically send them to your SAP web service to support condition-based maintenance initiatives.

PI Notification Work Orders for AWS

The PI Business Server fully supports integrations with Amazon Web Services. PSB captures simple SOAP message Pi Notification work orders, transforms them into complex JSON messages, and sends them to the RESTful web API in AWS.

Automated Manual Logging in SAP

When users save data to PI using the PI Manual Logger, one of our process plugins identifies the new value, triggers an event frame and sends a PI notification with the new value to the PI Service Bus. It automatically parses the notification and pushes the value directly to your SAP web service. It can also recursively search your Asset Framework structure to identify and update each asset using a specific template

Smart Work Orders in Maximo

Triggering new work orders in Maximo based on realtime environmental conditions like a vibration sensor reaching a critical level) is easy. PSB captures and parses PI notifications from the event frame then sends the values directly to Maximo’s work order web service. Maximo responds with the ID and status of the new work order, which PSB writes to a SQL server table and imports into the Asset Framework. PSB checks daily to keep the work order status updated in AF and ensure PI does not create additional event frames while the existing work order is still open.

Automated Manual Logging in SAP

The PI System Bus can poll PI Notifications with daily meter data readings to capture simple SOAP messages and transform them into complex Maximo-compliant SOAP messages.

Enrich Locational Marginal Pricing Values

Add up-to-date pricing data to your PI System. You can use the PI Service Bus to periodically query your LMP data sources and automatically create corresponding Asset Framework Elements and Attributes as new LMP nodes are added to the database.

Daily Syncs for EAM Data

The PI Service Bus makes it easy to configure a daily query of your Enterprise Asset Management grid web service each day to retrieve key performance parameters and automatically write them to PI Points for easy access within your PI System and any other services integrated with the service bus.

Pulverizer Monitoring Data to SAP

PI Service Bus can capture weekly pulverizer measurement point readings in PI Notifications, transform them from simple SOAP messages to complex SAP-compliant SOAP messages, and record the readings for simplified tracking in SAP.