PI System Architecture

Strategic Designs for Simple and Complex Deployments

Process Innovations can design and optimize your PI System architecture to fully support your operational and business requirements. We handle the full spectrum of complexity, from a new PI System with a single server and data source, to normalizing complex data multi-asset data for unified reporting across disparate systems.

Our professional service team members average more than 10 years of experience designing and administering PI Systems for power and utility, oil and gas, water treatment, chemical, and manufacturing companies. We customize architecture planning to the unique needs of each client.

PI Architecture Services

PI Data Optimization

Establishing clear best practices for your data flows from asset monitoring to control systems keeps everyone on your team on the same page. We work closely with your team to determine how and where to capture, process, and access the operations and performance metrics needed to keep your plant running efficiently effectively and securely.

We start with a thorough assessment of your tracked assets and your PI System, then identify the applications with supporting data needed for a complete picture of your operations. We identify integration opportunities and establish clear milestones for bringing all your relevant data into your platform. We streamline integrations with our proprietary PI Service Bus integration tool, the OSIsoft PI System Connector, relevant third-party connectors, and custom code as needed.

Analytics and Visualizations

The greatest data set in the world is useless without the right analytics and visualization tools to make it readily accessible and actionable. We help you clearly identify who needs access to what data in which formats for optimal insight and timely response to changing conditions. Our consultants simplify complex architectural requirements for advanced visualization and analytics with access to more than 50 Process Plugins to automate industry-specific calculations and equipment-specific models.

Centralized vs. Distributed PI Systems

As you grow your overall footprint with additional plants and new requirements, you’ll face the decision to centralize your PI System reporting or continue to grow in a distributed model. We have extensive experience with consolidating systems for streamlined reporting and with maintaining distributed, locally customized systems. We can help you weigh the pros and cons for each approach and carefully analyze the relative costs.

If you choose to consolidate your PI System licenses and centralize for standard reporting across multiple plants, our teams can expertly guide you through the complex process of normalizing and transferring your on-site data to a central on-premises or cloud system. We can help you carefully plan your data permissions and access requirements to make sure both the individual plants and the central staff has access to the specific data, analytics, and visualizations they need.

Technical Needs Analysis

Secure, high-performance networks are the backbone of PI systems. We can help assess your growth expectations, security requirements, and existing infrastructure to deliver a comprehensive roadmap for network architecture, at the site level or enterprise scale. Our new cloud services program can help you transition to the next generation of data monitoring and performance management.