Anotrac: Anomaly Tracking System

AnotracTM enables industrials to detect, log, track, and enrich detailed root-cause information about equipment anomalies. The results are greatly improved predictive asset analytics, more accurate and faster remediation, and superior AI models.
As regulatory environments become more restrictive and business needs evolve, having a single source of truth for anomalies and outages becomes critical.

Detect and Log from Any Source

Anotrac can integrate with any IT system that is collecting real-time sensor data from your assets. Anotrac can integrate with any historian to automatically log potential anomaly events for analysis and remediation and staff assignment. Assignees are notified through SMS or email to assess the validity of the potential problem and determine root cause.

Anomaly Tracking to Resolution

Stay on top of every event with our comprehensive tracking system that monitors statuses through to resolution. Utilize the built-in workflow for effortless filtering of anomaly resolutions by event owner. Owners receive regular notifications of open events requiring root-cause analysis, ensuring no issue goes unresolved.

Enriched Data That Goes Far Beyond Basic Logs

In the age of predictive analytics and AI-driven asset management, many organizations lack the necessary data to minimize failures and downtime. Anotrac bridges this gap by offering root cause resolution down to the part level, complete with preloaded industry-standard problem coding. Enhance your data capabilities and stay ahead with Anotrac .

Improved AI Predictions

Building a structured data store of anomaly events in Anotrac injects your predictive analytics and AI models with invaluable data for better predictions. Unlock the power of Anotrac to elevate your AI model’s foresight, predicting future outages and anomalies with unparalleled precision before they happen.

Single Source of Truth for Anomalies and Outages

In response to evolving regulatory changes and business demands, the need for clear and accurate information has never been greater. Anotrac provides a reliable platform that not only tracks the occurrence of events but also ensures they are thoroughly analyzed and resolved. Stay compliant and meet business demands effortlessly with Anotrac .