Boost Cross-Plant Power Generation Performance Visibility with PI System Centralization

Data Centralization

More data. More generation methods.
More opportunities to optimize with data.

The amount of data available for efficiently managing power generation is growing exponentially. Thousands of sensors track minute-by-minute performance metrics for generators, compressors, turbines, boilers, fans, pumps, solar panels, and even ambient conditions that can affect the equipment.

As power companies have added more new methods of generating power with ever-increasing sophistication of control systems, the need for rapid access to this performance data for centralized monitoring and analysis has become more important. Increasingly companies are managing diverse portfolios of power generation facilities – traditional gas, coal, and hydroelectric plants, plus new renewable wind and solar farms. Centralized performance management teams and executives managing portfolios of facilities need clear, holistic visibility across plants to support both engineering and business decisions.

Centralizing PI System data is a complex undertaking. Some of the hurdles your team will need to clear for project success include:

  • Accessing localized, on-premise PI Systems
  • Securely transferring data from local implementations to central repositories
  • Analyzing local usage patterns and data structures
  • Normalizing measurements and data collection across locations
  • Normalizing data structures across locations
  • Identifying and correcting naming conventions
  • Planning and configuring multi-tiered data analysis and dashboard displays
  • Planning and configuring multi-tiered automated reporting
  • Integrating PI System data with other enterprise systems
  • Rightsizing licensing structure for cost optimization

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