Boiler & Air Heater Efficiencies (PTC 4.1) & Rankine Cycle Heat Rates

Advanced Boiler Performance Visualization for PI System Users

This PI System plugin provides the gross turbine heat cycle rate based upon the boiler’s steam-side heat input to the turbine cycle. 

Efficiency is calculated by the loss method, which is the most accurate way of ultimately calculating real-time coal flow and net unit heat rate.

Losses are calculated real-time (in accordance with ASME PTC 4.1) and compared to expected losses and overall boiler efficiency. 

Air heater exit gas temperature (corrected to zero leakage), gas side efficiency, and x-ratio are calculated and compared to expected real-time values.  

This solution includes a custom display of the boiler side view and air heater when the diagram is provided. Boiler Efficiencies (actual and expected) and Steam Temperatures are trended to provide a visual display of Boiler Key Performance Indicators. 

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Power Plant Boiler with Steam Piping
Power Plant Boiler with Steam Piping