AF Reports

Unleash Your Asset Framework

Simplified reporting on your Asset Framework data

Does your team rely on regular reports to review plant KPI data and planned vs current performance?

Generating these kinds of reports – monthly, daily, or hourly – can take thousands of man-hours over time. The AF Reports engine from Process Innovations simplifies reporting on Asset Framework data. It exports KPI and calculated data from the Asset Framework database into Excel and PDF formatted reports that can be distributed using PI Notifications.

How the AF Reports Engine Works

Create Your report Schedule

Straightforward report attribute settings govern how frequently the reporting function is triggered. Select monthly, weekly, daily, or multiple times per day.

Identify file names and paths

Tell the system where you want your report files stored and what you want them to be called by entering the local or network path, the name of the Excel page that data is written to, and the corresponding top cell where your data array is written.

Select your report data points

Use any combination of PI tag value retrieval methods to get the metrics you need for your reports. The plugin takes advantage of any calculations or data transformations that you have already set up in the Asset Framework. You can add any number of formula attributes using the write-to-row naming convention.

Optionally include specialized template library functions

 With the Process Plugins foundation in place, you’ll have unlimited access to the process plug-ins templates library for handy functions, such as curve table, which returns Y as a function of X by interpolation from a table; draw curve, which writes to dedicated PI tags to render any curve or set of curves from a table; write-to-PI, which writes values to any PI tag, with a totalizer option also available; and the full set of 1997 thermodynamic properties of water and steam. Simply choose the library items you need. 

Relax! Your reports are on the way

 Automatically distribute your reports using the PI Notifications service included with your PI Server. It allows distribution via email or web services. You can set up a distribution group for each report to make sure everyone gets the information they need. 

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